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New Life Resort, Inc. is here to fill the gaps and build bridges for collective impact principles and practices. Cultivate leaders with unique system leadership skills.

Meet George Steed,

An executive administrator with experience managing homelessness intervention, prevention program. A visionary with a proven track record for developing and implementing collaborations and alliances to address community issues, problems, and concerns. Experienced in bridging the gaps between state, federal and local government, and the faith community. Entrepreneurial attitude for optimal benefit to the organization. Maintain reciprocal collaborative relationship with local businesses, community groups, churches, and nonprofit agencies that serve the homeless. Align systems of care and funded services strategically to create a continuum of care for all clients.


New Life Resort, mission is to develop and implement ways the communities of Faith can unite with other to address social problems, community issues and concerns.


Life Resort, Inc. envision filled gaps and created bridges through established of partnerships, collaborations and alliances. Taught principles and practices that cultivate leaders.


President / Chief Executive Officer

New Life Resort, Inc.

Project Coordinator / Non-Profit Consultant

Jericho Road Renewal Ministry


Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Houston, Texas

Executive Director

Accomplishing Word Ministries, Houston, Texas


Houston Independent School District, Houston, Texas

Acting Quality Assurance Director / Auditor

Mental Health and Mental Retardation Association, Houston, Texas


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Male Offenders

Female Offenders

Juvenile Offenders

Drug Courts

DUI Treatment

Substance Abuse

Domestic Abuse

Family Courts